Introduction of Nangong Dingfeng Felt Co., Ltd.

Nangong Dingfeng Felt Co., Ltd. develops felt for waste disposal Nangong Dingfeng Felt Co., Ltd. is located on the south side of Provincial Road 324 in Nangong City, Hebei Province. It is a group company integrating production, scientific research and sales. The company has about 100 employees and has decades of felt production history. At present, the annual output of felt reaches 3,000 tons. There are 100% wool felt, wool chemical fiber mixed felt, 100% colored chemical fiber felt and various felt products, felt handicrafts and so on. These felts are mainly used for industrial machinery, seals, sound-absorbing spacers, polishing, luggage, felt hats, automotive supplies, felt growing bags, felt storage bags ,stationery and other hundreds of products. In order to meet the development of society and respond to the Chinese dream of innovation, the company’s scientific research personnel have developed new products of felt car cover and felt seat cushion, and invested 10 million yuan to purchase new machinery and equipment to make the production of products more delicate and beautiful.
With the progress and development of history, the pace of urbanization has accelerated, and with it, there is an increasing amount of urban waste. Urban waste not only affects the beauty of the city, but also occupies more and more space, and many of these pollutants will cause secondary pollution to the natural environment and seriously affect the life of the earth. Therefore, the environmental protection of garbage disposal is imminent. What we need is not only an advanced society, but also a green earth for our children and grandchildren. Therefore, our company and the waste disposal center jointly developed a waste disposal felt. Specifications are: weight 140-150g/m2, thickness 0.8mm, uniform texture, tested in line with various technical indicators, better than the quality of geotextiles used for reservoir roads. Each day, we can get more than one ton such felt. So if order placed, our company can finish in a very short time. Looking forward to customers in need to visit our factory for inspection and guidance!

Post time: Jun-28-2022