Opportunities contain brilliance, innovation makes great achievements

Opportunities contain brilliance, innovation makes great achievements, new year opens new hope, new course carries new dreams, 2020 is the key year for us to create dreams and set sail. We will closely rely on the leadership of the group company, take the improvement of economic benefits as the center, reform as the driving force, meet the difficulties, forge ahead, unite and cooperate, boldly innovate, strive to achieve comprehensive optimization as soon as possible, and jointly create the glory of 2021.

In order to enhance the cohesion of the enterprise and strengthen the construction of corporate culture, Nangong City Dingfeng Felt Co., Ltd. has organized a series of cultural and sports activities with the theme of “harmonious family” on the eve of new year’s day in 2020, so that the workers can welcome the new year in a happy and peaceful atmosphere.

The activities include table tennis, badminton, shooting and so on. The staff of all departments actively participated in the competitions. The atmosphere was relaxed and intense, full of cheers, shouts, laughter and applause. Everyone released the intense work pressure and put into the activity with full enthusiasm. After the intense work, it not only enriches the spare time cultural life with the staff, but also enhances the communication and understanding between the staff, and promotes the interaction and exchange within the enterprise. In the competition, the majority of staff show the spirit of striving to be the first, which will be transformed into a strong positive energy to promote the healthy and rapid development of the company.

In the evening, the CEO of the company delivered a speech and opened the prelude of the New Year party. Each department carefully prepared the programs, including sketches and crosstalk brought by the business department, beautiful dances brought by the administration and finance department, and beautiful songs brought by the rational department. All the employees laughed and cheered together. We enjoyed an unforgettable night while eating and drinking well.

Post time: Jun-28-2022