World textile development trend

In recent years, the development trend of China’s textile export is good, the export volume is increasing year by year, and now it has accounted for one fourth of the world’s textile export volume. Under the Belt and Road Initiative, China’s textile industry, which has been growing rapidly in the traditional market and the belt Market in the period from 2001 to 2018, has increased by 179%. China’s importance in textile and apparel supply chain has been further consolidated in Asia and the world.

The countries along The Belt and Road Initiative, is the main export place for China’s textile industry. From the national trend, Vietnam is still the largest export market, accounting for 9% of the total textile exports and 10% of the export volume. Southeast Asian countries have become the main export market of China’s textile and dyeing fabrics.

At present, the annual sales of functional textiles in the global market is 50 billion US dollars, and the market demand of China’s textiles is about 50 billion US dollars. The sales of functional textiles in China will increase by about 4% year by year. With the continuous development of science and technology in recent years, information technology and new products are constantly updated, the market prospect of functional fabrics is good.

The market development potential of functional textiles is that the fabric has its own basic use value, but also has anti-static, anti ultraviolet, anti mildew and anti mosquito, anti-virus and flame retardant, wrinkle and non iron, water and oil repellent, magnetic therapy. In this series, one or part of them can be used in industry and life.

The textile industry creates new products with the help of other industrial technologies. The textile industry can develop in the direction of intelligent clothing and functional clothing. The development of the textile industry has great potential for new market innovation.

Post time: Jun-28-2022